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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Favorite Science Movies

I am not ranking the movies but I am listing them to show you all that I love these movies. I know there are more but these are my favorites. Let me know which ones you like or some you like that are not listed. Some of these movies are fairly recent, but I will list a few classic movies as well. Eventually I will create a classic movie list with movies such as The Poseidon Adventure and Godzilla.


As we know, movies are made for entertainment value but some have some sort of scientific facts. Even though I can call this a science fiction list, things in some of these movies can actually happen. I know some of these movies have encouraged me to want to know more about the earth and study about the environment that surrounds me. Some are about subjects I love such as the weather, geology, astronomy, and ecology.

Here’s my list:

1.Twister – 1996 film about a woman and her storm chasing team hunting tornadoes and learning more about them after seeing her father die from one when she was a child.

2.The Day After Tomorrow – 2004 film about the effects of global warming causing a climatic shift and major storms, which leads to the next Ice Age.

3.An Inconvenient Truth – 2006 documentary about climate change and global warming giving people the awareness of the environment and their affects narrated by former Vice-president Al Gore.

4.Deep Impact – 1998 film about a comet on a collision course with Earth and a space mission to stop it.

5.Armageddon – 1998 film about asteroids colliding with Earth and a mission to stop the major one.

6.The Core – 2003 film about a collapse in the Earth’s electromagnetic field causing major sun radiation and a mission to restart its rotation.

7.Independence Day – 1996 film about aliens attacking Earth and the world fighting back to claim what belongs to them.

8.2012 – 2009 film that gives reference to the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar and the 2012 phenomenon that devastating events will end the world.

9.War of the Worlds – 2005 remake about aliens planning on taking over the world.

10.Knowing – 2009 film about a man who breaks down number sequences from a time capsule that predicted major disastrous events and shows that coronal mass ejection solar flare will end the world.

11.Lost in Space – 1998 film about who becomes trapped on a strange planet and has to find a way to survive and escape.

12.Volcano – 1997 film about a volcano that forms in Los Angeles after a major earthquake strikes.

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