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About Me: First I would like to say, RIP DADDY, I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU AND MAKE YOU PROUD. Rev. L. Wilson Jan 23, 1939- January 26, 2003 In Memory of a Loving Father. D & R Photos for Less "We'll beat any price, cause our price is right." Holla at ya gurl, sike nah. Wassup yall! Yall know me. I'm an alumna of Montclair S. U. now! Been one since Aug 2nd 2007. I was a Geography major and concentrating in Environmental Studies. I'm an alumna of Arts High School and a resident of Newark, NJ. I love basketball and other sports. My favorite team is the WNBA's New York Liberty. I'm a nice down to earth person. I'm also a Michael Jackson Tribute Artist.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Superhero Love Pt. 1

I've been a fan of superheroes and comic books for years. I was loved to read comic books as a child and watch the cartoons and movies that featured them. My favorite one would be Superman from DC Comics because of his main abilities to fly and use x-ray vision. Of course, I have other favorites, such as Wolverine, Spider-Man, Batman and Hulk. I just love them all, DC Comics and Marvel!
Here are some but not all items I do own. I will share more soon!
 photo 20131128_102013-1_zps55db9971.jpg
 photo 20131202_215701_zps1dc4f0f9.jpg
 photo Collage2013-11-0118_53_212_zpsee601649.png
 photo 20131203_230028_zps63437252.jpg
 photo IMG_98198274661916_zpsfefd90ef.jpeg
 photo 20131203_225822_zpsae93cdc6.jpg
 photo 20131130_140844-1_zpsbc2e2879.jpg
Here are photo of a fellow blogger CARMEN from http://justme-bluefemme.blogspot.com/ I just love reading her blog posts and checking out her awesome outfits. They are full of color and style and they make me smile. CHECK HER OUT! SHE LOVES VINTAGE CLOTHES, BRIGHT COLORS ,RAINBOWS, CARTOONS , THE 60S, THE 70S, ELECTRONIC, AND MUSIC! CHECK OUT HER AWESOME SUPERHERO ENSEMBLES!
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 photo IMG_3812_zps71a3b4f8.jpg
 photo IMG_8101_zpsd1f99cf8.jpg
PHOTOS COURTESY OF http://justme-bluefemme.blogspot.com/

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mikette Recap! Street Fair Appearances!

I've been super busy between work and performing. It is so hard to keep up with my blogging. I have not forgotten about my faithful readers and followers. I'm updating you on my latest appearances. Thank you all for your continuous support and love.
Cranford Street Fair: 5/5/13
 photo DSC01591_zps81428a4e.jpg
 photo DSC01592_zpsdb0362dd.jpg
 photo DSC01607_zps92bee929.jpg
 photo DSC01608_zps9cddc8e8.jpg
 photo image_1367850331860383_zps02d035c8.jpg
West Orange Street Fair: 5/26/13
 photo DSC01618_zpsaf0dd2e4.jpg
 photo DSC01619_zps84b48e12.jpg
 photo DSC01624_zps8700321b.jpg
 photo DSC01652_zpse57c2db2.jpg
 photo DSC01664_zps2cef6fef.jpg
 photo DSC01665_zps76eda9fe.jpg
 photo DSC01677_zps845372ae.jpg
Metuchen Street Fair: 6/2/13
 photo IMG_0002-2_zpsfb7c51cc.jpg
 photo IMG_0003-1_zpsf82ecd71.jpg
 photo IMG_0004-1_zps82087cf4.jpg
 photo IMG_0005-1_zps1f8ed924.jpg
 photo IMG_0006_2-1_zps55e45b21.jpg
 photo IMG_0008_2_zpsbe98f43e.jpg
Mikette and Mom
 photo 292687_10100641166409432_817107984_n_zps48b76e3b.jpg

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Deepest Sympathy to Sandy Hook Elementary

3/13/13 On December 18, 2012, on behalf of the Michael Jackson Fan Club- Newark, NJ and myself, I mailed out a sympathy card to the community of Newtown, Connecticut. This was following the tragic school shooting that took the lives of 21 children and 7 adults. I wish I was able to give more.
Sending our deepest sympathy to Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut. The Michael Jackson Fan Club-Newark, NJ and Legacy of Love NYC
 photo 76757_505164446195436_337693793_n_zpsb4da05c7.jpg
Each heart represents a soul that was carried to Heaven that very day. My thoughts and prayers are to their families and community.
 photo 224837_506576822720865_1671989887_n_zps85f77681.jpg
Front and back of the postcard I received from the town of Newtown, Connecticut.
 photo 20130313_220422_zpsaf275af7.jpg
 photo 20130313_220551_zpsf8c565c9.jpg

Newark YMCA Donation Drive - Newark, NJ

The President of the Michael Jackson Fan Club- Newark, NJ and the first female MJ impersonator of Newark, NJ, Dominique “Mikette” Wilson will be holding an event collecting goods the people can use. In an alliance with the Emergency Residence Program at the YMWCA-Newark and Vicinity of Newark, NJ (http://www.newarkymca.org/); Wilson will be remembering the philanthropic heart of Michael Jackson along with his fans. The mission of Wilson’s club is to express love for her beloved entertainer and help keep his legacy alive for present and future generations. The club tries to represent the love and morals that Jackson lived by serving community outreach, and charity. Their goal is to spread love throughout the city of Newark, NJ and beyond. The Michael Jackson Fan Club of Newark, NJ exists to show that Michael Jackson and love will never die.

 photo YMCA2_zpsf1909de3.jpg
Here are some photos taken by Shanda Holmes
 photo 374570_10100377634424493_1574638521_n_zps3cdebe4c.jpg
 photo 486046_479838998743341_1613001766_n_zps05f25023.jpg
 photo 215409_479838085410099_367972800_n_zps0db2abd4.jpg
 photo 225011_479838335410074_1322166542_n_zpsa9518060.jpg
 photo 67249_479838332076741_965647983_n-1_zpsb5696f18.jpg
 photo 182426_479840012076573_1168448643_n_zpsdbd1949f.jpg
 photo 281984_479837948743446_1687458309_n_zpsec042809.jpg
 photo 306135_479837985410109_1133605929_n_zps4cbaebe8.jpg
 photo 306269_479837435410164_1316637410_n_zps9efca135.jpg
 photo 313409_479840845409823_1378709215_n_zps32677cf7.jpg
 photo 486663_479840092076565_552197976_n_zpsdd85176c.jpg
 photo 529911_479838478743393_925381685_n_zpsa89a7d0f.jpg
 photo 535520_479839685409939_600008966_n_zpsc4721ab8.jpg
 photo 576059_479837975410110_2123973173_n_zps5a876de4.jpg
 photo 576523_479839035410004_1043734234_n_zps3ebf7632.jpg
 photo 602923_479838018743439_571352735_n_zps06f41052.jpg
 photo 734434_479837758743465_148733437_n_zps9c622251.jpg
 photo 581926_479839528743288_868024596_n_zps5a011431.jpg
 photo 225411_479837908743450_1026516577_n_zps2b7d5891.jpg
 photo 67033_10151539459101532_776106277_n_zps5bf738cb.jpg
 photo 6708_479837315410176_2142733692_n_zpse48ac9f7.jpg
 photo 625553_479838908743350_100018362_n_zps8ea62020.jpg