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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Skins: A Show That Exposes

Season one of "Skins" has ended Monday night. When I first heard of "Skins" advertised on MTV, I thought it was gonna be your typical "teenie bopper" show with cheesy themes and lame story lines. But I watched the first episode and did not expect to get hooked on it the way I did. It premiered on MTV in January and was only a ten episode season. But plenty of things happened in the first episode alone that it drew major attention to the news and parents across the country. This was no "Degrassi" and I love that show as well. I became hooked to this show because of the some of the story lines but they did have quite a bit of adult themes that made me feel kind of uncomfortable. I actually forgot at some points that these actors were playing teens, because the content was so mature. The curses they used were censored but people believed a lot more should have been. These teens were doing drugs and drinking like adults and it was a bit disturbing. Then a young girl named Cadie, who has various mental illnesses, gets prescription drugs for her friends to get high. There were scenes where they was also enacting sexual acts and that was a shock to me as well.

There were some relationships that rose eyebrows as well. Like the lesbian character Tea and her making out with Betty was enough to scare people who are afraid of exposing gay teens. Then for her to sleep with a guy, Tony, and give him the Chlamydia infection, which he passes to his girlfriend. There was also a teacher student relationship that grew into a disaster because this young teacher in her 20s was having sex with her student, Chris. I was even shocked that it would air on television. Then the love games between Abbud and Daisy deciding to have casual sex with one another with no strings attached. There are much more.

The things I did enjoy about the show was how each episode reflected on each character's life. It put you in each of their shoes. The show also expressed acceptance as far as race, disabilities, social status and sexual orientation. They even showed how these teens go through what most teens are going through that we all think is not possible. It shows how they think and interact with people, like friends and family as well. I would like to know if it will be a season two coming, because I do look forward to it.

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