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Monday, March 7, 2011

Leslie Sansone: "Walk at Home" Workout

I have recently joined the walking craze and no I don't mean walking around the park. I mean walking at home with Leslie Sansone and her "Walk at Home" dvd programs. So far I've had the opportunity to take advantage of three of the many dvds within her series. The three dvds I workout to are not even half the amount that has been released.


My mother, sister, and I have become committed to working out and trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. When my sister purchased the first dvd, which was "Punch Up Your Walk," I fell in love with how simple the movements were but how intense the workout turned out. It is 4 miles, which is about 15 minutes per mile, aerobic workout that starts off easy to warm you up and then begins to boost up you heart rate and burn calories as it speeds up. Then of course it has a cool down routine. It's basic exercise is walking in place as a power walk, to side stepping, arm extensions knee lifts, punches with the weighted gloves and more. By far my favorite one, but I have yet to see what more she has to offer. It is like our main workout plan.


Her personality radiates all the way throughout each dvd. When she does have other with her she is so motivating to them as well as her viewers. She keeps a smile on her face and she also talks to you as if you're sitting down having a casual conversation. She is very helpful with information concerning health and nutrition. She sure knows her stuff, too! The music featured on the dvds are so energizing along with her motivation and it really keeps you moving all the way to the end. It is a true workout.

It really gets your juices flowing through your body and it works out your muscles and joints. My mom had knee surgery a few years ago and this is a workout plan that accommodates the situation and her age. This workout helps her loosen up her leg and ease the pain by giving it the basic movements it needs. It also helps her burn calories as well.

My main goal with this program is to tone up my body and build up my endurance. I'll be 26 years-old and these days I feel lazy but when I do the boosted walking and running, gradually I can feel that muscle memory kicking in from when I ran cross country in high school. My joints are on fire and I can feel that calorie burn. I just enjoy this program and it's a program for all ages. You can do all the miles to just a mile a day. Customize it to fit you. I can't tell you guys too much, you'll just have to try it for yourself.

Dvds I used so far by Leslie Sansone: Walk at Home:

Punch Up Your Walk 4 Miles with the weighted gloves

5 Day Slim Down 5 Miles

Walk Slim: Fast Start/3 Fast Miles

5 Mile Fat Burning Walk

Click Walk at Home for the official website.


  1. I agree with you. Leslie is awesome. I need to try her Punch up your Walk DVD. That is one of the few I don't have. Do the gloves seem to help when you are working out?

  2. Yes it does help it tones up your arms more while you are working out your legs. They are not too heavy so they won't hurt you.

  3. I just saw this DVD at Wal-Mart a couple of hours ago! Weird. Ok well now I know who has it so I will pick it up next time I go. I didn't workout today, I was too busy and giving my body a much needed break. I wish I did though since I'm going to the beach tomorrow! O well :) When I try this workout I will let you know how I like it.