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Thursday, March 3, 2011

My 25 Favorite Cool Geek(s) Movies

Geeks, nerds, dweebs, or whatever you may called them have proved to be the coolest and hottest Hollywood commodity. These movies made it cool to be a geek. Also shows that they will rule the world. I thought of this topic while watching "Revenge of the Nerds," one of my favorites.


1. Revenge of the Nerds: Come on who can resist Lewis Skolnick, Gilbert Lowe, Arnold Poindexter, Harold Wormser, Dudley "Booger" Dawson, Takashi Toshiro, Lamar Latrell, and Judy?

2. Weird Science: Anyone who can hook up a machine to make a hot person can be my friend. Just create a hot guy for me and I’m happy.

3. Real Genius: With Val Kilmer as Chris Knight, I would sit next to him not to copy answers, but to get his number.

4. Pretty in Pink: Molly Ringwald is so lucky to have a hot best friend like Philip F. "Duckie" Dale. I would have chosen him over Blane McDonough any day.

5. Sixteen Candles: Why didn’t Samantha choose Ted, aka "The Geek?” He was quite cool to me.

6. Superbad: Evan, Seth and “McLovin.” Enough said.

7. The Net: Angela Bennett is a wiz on the computer and one tough woman getting her identity back.

8. One Crazy Summer: Hoops McCann really proves that he can get the girl.

9. Back to the Future: Marty McFly was cool but young George McFly was hot!

10. Short Circuit: Johnny 5 was awesome!

11. The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes: Kurt Russell as Dexter Reilly is the geek we dream about.

12. The Nutty Professor (1996): Professor Klump or Buddy Love? I say “Hey Professor!”

13. The Social Network: Ok, Mark Zuckerberg is already something to look at, now having Jesse Eisenberg playing him just doubled it. Can I add you to my friend list?

14. Tron: If you thought the effects were awesome, it’s only because of Kevin Flynn.

15. The Matrix: Laurence Fishburne and Keanu Reeves as Morpheus and Neo is enough for me to believe love is “real.”

16. Little Giants: These misfits proved they will not be defeated.

17. Lucas: Lucas Bly was just a cutie and a proved that there is a such thing as a "smart jock."

18. Can't Buy Me Love: Cynthia "Cindy" Mancini made a good choice with cutie Ronald Miller.

19. She's All That: Zach Siler couldn't resist Laney Boggs cause was is all that.

20. Welcome to the Dollhouse: Dawn Wiener was irresistable to the tough kid, Brandon McCarthy.

21. Napoleon Dynamite: I just fell in love with him and he has some cool dance moves.

22. American Pie: Jim Levenstein can do a chair dance for me anyday and I'll be his fellow band geek friend.

23. Cooley High: Everybody dug Richard "Cochise" Morris, but I loved Leroy "Preacher" Jackson.

24. The Breakfast Club: Can I spend Saturday morning detention with Brian Johnson? He's the only one without a girlfriend.

25. Never Been Kissed: Josie Geller proved that geeks become successful and gets the kiss from the hottest guy.

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