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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Battle With the (Swine?) Flu

Who'd thought the coughing spell I was having would lead to the flu. It all began on December 26th when I got back from the mall. I ate some dinner and watched television with my mom, sister and my boyfriend. Then I began coughing as if something was in my throat tickling it. I figured it was a cold coming so I took some cough syrup and went to bed. When I woke up, I had to do laundry but I felt very sluggish but still went about my day. I tried to eat but didn't have no taste for anything or could barely taste the food I ate. Then I drank some tea with honey and lemon which still didn't work. Later that night, I bought Tylenol Cold Severe to take cause by then I had stuffy nose, coughing, itchy throat and felt a slight fever coming on. Before I went to bed, I ate some soup but I made me feel so hot like I really had a bad fever, which I did.
That Sunday night was the worst night of sleep I had because my body didn't know whether it wanted to be hot or cold. I still had a stuffy nose and a bad cough so that kept me awake. When I got hot my throat became dry so I would feel parched. So I tried to drink some ice water to break the fever, but instead I became extremely cold real fast. At that very moment I knew something was wrong and I knew I had the flu. I was still destined to show my face at work especially after the holiday weekend to prevent conflict with being absent. I did go for about two hours and felt I couldn't make it and went straight to the doctor's office. They quarantined me with another woman with the flu in another room, I waited for about three hours before being seen. I was freezing, thirsty and my lips kept chapping up. What a combination. Plus coughing and a stuffy nose too. My doctor was surprised I even went to work the way I was. He said I had fluid in my ears, my glands were swollen and I definitely had the flu. He then told me that the Swine Flu would not be as bad as the regular flu. I just hoped it wasn't bad at all whatever one it was. As soon as I got home, I jumped right in the bed for the rest of the night and took the prescribed medicines. It has been a struggle because the cough and the stuffy nose has not left yet along with the chest congestion. I still continue to take my medication, drink plenty of liquids and let my body get plenty rest but it is not easy. Hopefully I'll be fully recovered before returning to work. Then I have to make a follow-up visit with the doctor.


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