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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Amateur Night at the Apollo: Moses Harper

I said it before and I will say it again, REMEMBER her name: MOSES HARPER! This woman is a phenomenal dancer and MJ Tribute Artist from New York City. We need to push her forward, I want to see her go far. She's such a sweet, talented and down-to-earth person. I know I am honored to have such a person entered into my life. From day one at the MJ candlelight vigil at the Apollo Theater on June 25th, I pray our friendship lasts forever.
She performed last night at the Apollo Theater for Amateur Night. Even though she performed as an amateur, I feel she is totally professional. There were some many talented people there last night. The children that performed expressed tremendous talent. I was blown away. Two of the five finalist in the adult session were from New Jersy, my hometown. One was singer, Nicole Vanessa Ortiz (Newark) and Bryan Denis, both of which receieved standing ovations. Bryan placed in third and Nicole placed as runner up second.

She posted this as her Facebook status yesterday morning. :-)

"I'm dedicating tonight's performance to Dominique Wilson. Your energy has kept me going the past couple of weeks, thank you lil sis..." -Moses Harper


I was so excited I made it to see Moses' performance. I found any way possible to make it there. My friend Troy was available to join me on this adventure. He's my life saver. Much luv and thanks to him. We enjoyed watching Moses magically perform her routine to Michael Jackson's hit songs "Dangerous" and "Wanna Be Startin' Something." She put her heart and soul into her performance and it radiated out to the audience. As she swept across the stage, all you can hear were "OOOs" and "Ahhhs" the whole time. She did memorable dances such as the "Side Step," the "Indian Stomp," the "Moonwalk," the "spin" and many more. She even did the "Lean" from "Smooth Criminal" and leaned her way into everyone's heart like magic.

*Sorry but the Apollo restricted any video or photography during the show. :-(*


I was so happy to be a part of her performance just by being there. She dedicated her performance to me. I was honored. I was so happy she got a ticket for me on the lower level. I jumped and cheered for her as loud as I could. After she received a rouring standing ovation for first place she walked over to the side and we made eye contact, then she thanked me. I felt so emotional I wanted to cry. After the show I waited out front for her. She came out and she hugged me and the energy was amazing. She held me and said "I did this for you." Words can't even describe how I felt at that moment. Just to know she was able to see me there showing her tremendous support made my night very special. You all really need to see this woman in action. She's the closest you will ever get to the late King of Pop. One of the best by far, you will ever see. Congrats sis! Love you always! Long live the King Michael!


Check out her Official Website. Click Moses Harper


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  2. Oh wow! I will definitely check her out, I never heard of or seen her before! Thanks for sharing! =]

    Kimberly, FWB

  3. What a nice tribute to you. So sweet! I'm gonna make sure I check her out.